Attention Intelligence
Attention Intelligence
Maximize attention, improve focus, increase productivity, measure results.


What Is Attention intelligence?

The ability to sustain focus and interest on a person or problem is a measure of your Attention Intelligence, which we’ve started to refer to as the Attention Quotient (AQ). We believe AQ is a quality that is not fixed; it can be enhanced through effort, like a muscle. Measuring and improving the ability for people to focus, avoid distractions and concentrate are important for both your personal and professional success.

In the workplace, this is even more important. An organization can hire people with a high IQ and a strong EQ, but they have to foster an environment that promotes a positive AQ. The smartest person, if constantly distracted and unable to focus on the moment, will not be successful.

Attention Intelligence can be fostered, taught and developed and should become a new area of focus for you, your employer and the people around you.